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sirimiri woman hand sketching baroque designs. Woman wearing white top holding eglomise mirror

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Customise your collection

All our products are made to order as we believe in making with intention.  

We love working with our clients to curate their collection. 


Utilising our interior design experience, we often work with designers and private clients to curate personalised collections.  From selecting pallets, monogramming and elaborate embroidery, Sirimiri work with highly skilled artisans in Italy and the UK to bring vision to reality. 

Co-founder Lauren takes pleasure in designing individual motifs for clients. Her concept ideas are presented as simple hand sketches and developed using Photoshop to create the final artwork ahead of production. 


For private consultations please contact

Sirimiri have designed bespoke collections for spas, chalets, residential homes and commercial projects.  We offer;

Monogram initials from a wide collection of fonts 
Personalised monograms, motifs and detailed artworks
Hand embroidery stitching 
Laser machine stitching 
Residential and corporate branding 

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