The Sirimiri brand was born over countless “al desko” lunches in a busy London design office. Throughout their lunch breaks, the founders would often discuss and research ways in which they could both lead a more sustainable lifestyle. 

As their research progressed, they began to realise the significant impact that their designs and the related manufacturing processes involved could have on the planet. The pivotal moment came when they began researching the textile industry – upon discovering the levels of chemicals and water involved in producing textiles, they knew they had to change the way in which products were made and focus on creating a collection of sustainable homewares, and so Sirimiri was created. 

Sirimiri is a British product design company offering lifestyle products to conscious consumers. With backgrounds in high-end property and Interior Design, the founders Lucy Pickavance and Lauren Wood use their considerable experience to design and produce products that are both luxurious and sustainable.

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