When the question is asked “is this product sustainable” we want to genuinely and resolutely be able to say to our clients “yes”. 







The Sirimiri journey will constantly evolve as we continually educate ourselves and develop new and improved ways to design and manufacture our current collection.  

When starting the design process, we check to ensure that we are designing to minimise waste and pollution and that we are working with regenerative natural and sustainable materials.  We focus on re-using, re-manufacturing and recycling materials where we can, and we analyse our carbon footprint for each product and process.




We aim to meet the needs of future generations without exploiting people, the planet, and its resources in the process.


One kilogram of cotton, equivalent to the weight of a shirt and pair of jeans, can take as much as 10,000–20,000 litres of water to produce.  It is roughly 1/10th of that quantity to produce Micromodal.



Our bedlinen collection is made from 100% Micromodal.  Micromodal is derived from the inner pulp of trees from sustainably managed European forests.  The trees that are harvested grow naturally with little irrigation and without chemical fertilizers.  In accordance with strict environmental standards, the pulp is then processed into a yarn.  Any solvents that are used in the making of the fibres are 90% recovered and reused. 


The yarn yield of Micromodal is up to 10 times that of raw cotton.   


To alleviate any plastic in the process, sirimiri use corozo buttons on their duvets, these are made from the seed of the corozo palm.  Organic cotton threads and undyed organic cotton labels are also used, making their bedlinen 100% biodegradable.  sirimiri’s linen is woven, and hand finished in Italy. 




It is estimated that up to 10 million tons of plastic waste enters the ocean from coastal communities each year. Plastic bags, bottles and other plastic accumulates forming huge patches of waste.  In the ocean, plastic pollution impacts sea turtles, whales, sea birds, fish, coral reefs and countless other species and habitats.  Marine and bay areas are increasingly becoming less viable environments for humans and animals alike.  Our pillow and duvet collection, Azure is made in the UK using a filling made from recycled ocean bound plastic - Social Plastic®. 


Not only does our bedding stop plastic from entering our oceans, but it is also helping support developing communities”.  Via an exchange system, Plastic Bank encourages people in developing regions to work with them by collecting and thus preventing plastic waste from entering the ocean.  Compensation is provided to communities of these regions by money and digital tokens which allow them to improve their quality of life providing an economic benefit and a cleaner ocean.  The plastic collected by Plastic Bank is then cleaned and recycled becoming Social Plastic® which is sold to organisations who want to create a more sustainable, eco-friendly, and socially responsible product and supply chain.

Our UK based manufacturer is accredited with the GRS and EU Ecolabel certification.

The manufacturer for our bedding cases has been accredited with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

The fibres are manufactured in Europe and then made into bedding in the UK.

Approximately 120 recycled bottles make a 10.5 tog double duvet.

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