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The production of traditional “virgin” wool requires vast amounts of land for grazing sheep, water to clean the fibre, chemicals to treat the wool and dyes to colour the finished product. Recycled wool is a relatively low-impact process compared to “virgin” wool. Wool has been widely recycled for hundreds of years, in various forms and is one of the worlds’ most suitable fibres for reuse. Recycled wool is produced via a closed loop system; firstly, the wool garments are sorted into colour, by selecting and blending colours of dyed wool fabric the dying process can be removed completely, saving water and chemicals. The wool is then shredded, spun and weaved into renewable yarn ready for its next life. This process also uses significantly less energy and has a lower environmental impact compared to an equivalent fabric made with “virgin” wool. Recycled wool uses;

We have chosen a sumptuous and incredible soft recycled wool, our wool has been brushed finish, creating extra softness on the surface of the fabric. Our fabric is soft to touch and will get softer during its lifetime. The recycling, spinning, and weaving is fully traceable with all production taking place in Italy. Our blankets are finished by hand by highly skilled Italian artisans. Sirimiri uses recycled wool which is CRS Certified.

83% less on water consumption

77% less on CO2 emissions

65% less on total energy usage

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