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House & Garden  |  June 2022

Editorial by Remy Mishon

Photography by Rachel Whiting

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DESIGN MATTERS  |  January 2022

Written by Amy Pace

Photography by Richard Pickavance


THE LUXURIST  | November 2021

Written by Jonathon Warren

Photography by Richard Pickavance


What defines modern luxury? That is the question driving Sirimiri, a British homewares brand devoted to both luxury and sustainability. “In the past, luxury was synonymous with heedless grandeur and excess. Today it is about a wider emotional connection together with environmental awareness,” Sirimiri’s founders Lauren Wood and Lucy Pickavance explain. “Society is finally waking up to the importance of being sustainable in all aspects of our lives.” 

The brand came into being in the spring of 2018 following a spate of conversations between its founders. Both have backgrounds in the fast-paced, vibrant worlds of high-end property development and interior design. As they climbed the ranks in these creative industries, Wood and Pickavance grew increasingly devoted to practising sustainability in their personal lives.

While working together in a design office in London, the ladies continually returned to themes of conscious consumerism in their conversations over lunch. However, they started to wonder whether this environmentally responsible approach could also be true of their professional lives.

The London Magazine | October 2021

Written by Tallulah Rushaya

Photography Various

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NEW NORM  | Product Design 

Interview by New Norm Magazine

Photography by Richard Pickavance

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LuxDeco  |  Think Big. Shop Small 2021

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