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Alice Timmis hand looming recycled wool blanket

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with London based textile designer, Alice Timmis and recycled wool pioneer John Parkinson of Iinouiio, Yorkshire.  Together we have created the most exquisite hand loomed  blanket made from 100% recycled cashmere.

The journey of our blanket starts in Yorkshire, when iinouiio buys post-industrial wool from a recycling facility.  The wool is sent to their
manufacturing plant in Huddersfield, where it is sorted, shredded, carded and spun back into skeins ready for transportation to Alice’s studio in Deptford, London.

Taking inspiration from traditional grass papers and their organic composition, together with Alice we designed and developed a random structure crepe weave which has no apparent lines or visible repeat.

To create an additional irregularity within the weave and to ensure each blanket is unique,  Alice hand weaves the three cashmere yarns into the weft at the same time.

Using a blend of three neutral tones from iinouiio’s recycled cashmere yarns, we’ve created a blanket with soft hues of warm greys – evoking the colours of a misty London sky.

In 2022 we launched our “ReLife” initiative, a take-back scheme for all our wool blankets.  For every returned Sirimiri woollen blanket, a 30% discount is given against the purchase of a new Sirimiri woollen blanket. This initiative has been put in place to highlight and encourage the principles of supporting a circular economy.

“If everyone in the UK bought just one woollen product each year - but chose recycled wool made in Yorkshire, on average it would save approximately: 371 million gallons of water (the UK reservoir holds around 300 million gallons).  480.8 tonnes of chemical dyestuffs.  4,517 million days of average family electricity consumption (1.125KW per garment).” - John Parkinson, iiouniio

Enquiries to purchase please contact -

sirimiri x Alice Timmis label
recycled wool cashmere hand loomed blanket sirimiri
pile of recycled wool before being sorted
recycled wool yarns on wooden loom
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