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JUNE 2023

Behind the brand

The journey of Sirimiri started in the spring of 2018 following a series of conversations between Lauren and me about sustainability and conscious living.  At the time, we were working for the internationally acclaimed practice Spinocchia Freund, with Lauren holding the position of Design Director and myself as Managing Director. 


As we became increasingly devoted to practicing sustainability in our personal lives, we began to wonder whether this environmentally responsible approach could also be applied to our professional lives.  It was then that we started researching the textile industry, which is typically fueled by high volumes of chemicals and water.  Looking beyond this 'take-make-waste' manufacturing model, we investigated newer, more eco-conscious ways to create soft furnishings without compromising on quality.  Thus, the seed was planted for us to start our own sustainable textile brand.

By sourcing regenerative materials, reducing energy consumption, and designing to minimize pollution and waste, we realized that we could create a home textile collection that would stand the test of time.  Then came the finer details of the brand: we were determined to find the perfect name to encapsulate our vision.  It took us weeks to find a name for our company.  We never disagreed, but nothing felt 'right' until we came across the Spanish word "sirimiri" – a light rain, a fine mist.  We loved its connection with nature, how it encapsulates the British weather, and Lauren loved its graphic appearance.  So, in 2019, with me moving out of London and Lauren expecting her second child, Sirimiri was formed and subsequently launched in 2020.

Since inception, we have established ourselves as a go-to for interior designers for bed, bath, and table linen, blankets, and bedding.  Utilizing our experience, we assist designers with specifications, presentations, budgets, and even onsite ironing, steaming, and the dressing of our products.

It has been an incredible journey.  Alongside working with old colleagues and friends, we are also establishing new friendships and inspiring relationships.  We both love the interior design world, and we still have "pinch me" moments when we see our pieces in some of the most beautiful interiors, homes, and settings.  And most importantly, we laugh a lot and have fun.

Written by Lucy Pickavance

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